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You’ve heard this all before: moving is a difficult process that always gets even more complex once you actually start doing it. You can hear this a million times and it wont seem to make any difference come moving day. Even the most prepared home or apartment owner will always end up with his or her head swimming in details. A certain amount of psychological preparation is necessary when preparing for a big move. Once you descend into the details of moving, your life will suddenly feel as if it’s in disarray. Moreover, moving is also an inherently expensive process. However, the more systematic and organized you are during your moving process, the easier it will be. Since time is money, the easier moving is, the more money you will save. 

Here is a thorough rundown of tips to serve as guide posts to help you make a smooth transition to your new place of residence. Let these points serve as a lighthouse to guide you through the storm. 

Here are 14 key tips to facilitate a big move:

1) Get rid of what you don’t need.
2) Change your address. 
3) Define a packing strategy.
4) Arranging cut off dates for utilities.
5) Having a yard sale. 
6) Moving logistics.
7) Procuring the right moving materials.
8) Plan a going away party.
9) Formulate an “arrival” strategy.
10) Avoid going down “Memory Lane.”
11) Boxing up your stuff.
12) Moving your stuff out.
13) Packing the truck.
14) Cleaning and repairing the vacated living space.

Now let’s examine these points in more detail:

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