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Change of address

Go to the U.S. Post Office and fill out a change of address form. These forms are very easy to fill out and only take a few minutes. Change of Address forms are very easy to fill out. It’s basically a matter of printing your name and current address, and then indicating your destination address. 

Filling out a Change of Address form can save you plenty of headaches down the road. Missing important items of mail can cause complications in your life, particularly when there are bills that need to be kept current. The possible consequences for not filling out a Change of Address form can mean missing out on several months worth of mail and possibly missing out on important bills which can affect your credit rating. If you don’t exactly know where you’ll be living, secure a Post Office Box in your destination city for all of your re-routed mail. Once you establish a place of residence, you have to reroute your mail once again. 

Keeping all this in mind, however, make sure you’ve notified all of your mail contacts of your new address. Possible candidates for this include family members and institutions with whom you have an ongoing need to correspond you as phone companies, banks, and the like. 

In the event that you’re moving to a new state, within six months of arriving at your new destination you will also need to change your driver’s license info. Visiting your local Department of Motor Vehicles has about as much appeal as going to the dentist. However, in the end it’s a lot less painful and for your trouble you will have an in-state driver’s license that will enable you to vote in your new home state.

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