MOVING TIP #8 (of 14)

Plan a going away party

This is actually a really important step. Preparing for a big move is a stressful event, and it’s important to have some time set aside to unwind and say goodbye to your friends. When attending to the myriad of details before a move, there is a certain social pressure to connect with all your friends before you leave town. A few days before you leave, it’s very difficult to muster the energy to have to track down everyone you know and say goodbye to them, not to mention the expense involved with seeing people individually. Having a going away party is a also a nice way to have a sense of closure and moving forward in life.

Another nice thing about such parties is that they reaffirm a lot of your friendships with people. You might even find a few tears being shed. And you thought they didn’t care ! There are also a few other hidden benefits to meeting up with friends. Think about “gifting” out some of your belongings. I would never suggest you foist a bunch of your junk on them; but perhaps you might find some belongings that some of your friends might value (either practically or for sentimental reasons). During your going away party, you can have some sort of “bequeathing ceremony” where you give out these belongings. I know this idea may sound a little zany, but consider the triple benefit involved; 1) You lighten your moving load by getting rid of more stuff 2) You have the satisfaction of giving your friends gifts and 3) Those gifts can be considered tax deductable .

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