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Lexington Movers: Procure The Right Moving Materials

In order to move all your stuff, you’ll need an assortment of items to package up your belongings safely and efficiently . Perhaps the most critical item is the cardboard box. The UPS Packaging store has a broad assortment of cardboard boxes and moving materials to choose from. There are a few things to consider when shopping for boxes. The advantage of going to a UPS store is that you’ll be able to select the exact size and shape (more or less) of your box. The disadvantage here is that you’re paying a premium for these boxes. UPS makes a lot of money on selling card board boxes at a considerable profit. The most affordable way to go is to visit your neighborhood grocery store and ask if they have any boxes they can spare. 

Try and get a wide variety of boxes for different items. Books, plates and silverware are best packaged in smaller boxes, as they are heavy to lift. Go easy on your back and pack heavy items in as small a box as possible. Larger boxes are ideally suited for clothes and linens. 

Choosing the right tape is another key consideration. Avoid using Scotch tape or masking tape and instead shoot for nylon reinforced packing tape. Nothing puts a harder structural strain on a box than when heavy household items are put inside it. Nylon reinforced packing tape can take a beating and keep your boxes intact. 

Purchase a good box cutting knife from a hardware store to not only cut the nylon tape (which is tough to cut with scissors) but also open up the boxes easily when it comes time to unpack. Packing “peanuts,” those pesky little Styrofoam kernels, are great for packing delicate items. The problem with packing peanuts, however, is that they often end up where they’re not wanted and can become a big nuisance to clean up. Look for the biodegradeable version of the “peanuts” that are now available to be purchased relatively inexpensively. These little guys are made of natural plant fiber and dissolve naturally, so if they end up in the landfill, they’ll return themselves to nature without a fuss.

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