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Moving Logistics

Make arrangements for parking the moving truck. During the actual load out – someone will have to be with the truck at all times, preferably located near the back where boxes are being loaded. In major urban areas, it is often very likely that there is no parking available at all and the truck needs to be located in the middle of the street. In this type of situation, it is more important than ever for someone to be at the truck and for the hazard lights to be on. This way it is technically legal as long as one lane is left open for traffic moving through. 

Map the right route out of the city. If you’re driving your own U-haul or some similar moving truck, it can reduce your level of stress markedly to have best selected route out of the city. Chances are you’re not used to driving such a large vehicle much less on an interstate with all your belongs in it. This kind of driving can be stressful and slow going, and under such circumstances getting lost, or on the wrong road is not a very agreeable option. A well mapped route will optimize your efforts and hours spent behind the wheel. In addition to having good road maps, having a GPS navigation available in your moving truck. This will serve as an additional safeguard that helps you not only get to the right town but will help you find the storage facility once you get there. 

Another nice tip that will simplify your moving is to roughly plan out how much food you have left in your pantry and refrigerator. Try and consume all the food without having to replenish your groceries so that when your house or apartment is vacated, your refrigerator is vacated as well !

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